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MDAC 2.5 Merge Module On Windows XP

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Posted 14 August 2002 - 21:47

I had an existing .ISM file that needed to be updated for XP. So we went out and bought the newest upgrade of InstallShield Express 3.53. I created a new Setup file and all seemed to go well, it installed on 95,98,Me and even 2000. So we thought it must work on XP and we started to distribute our app. Well it didn't take long before the calls started comming.
Well, the finally broke down and bought an XP machine and it took some time but I figured out what the problem was. During the install we merged the module for MDAC2.5. Since 2.7 comes already installed on XP it royaly screwed things up. I tried reinstalling MDAC2.7 from the file that Microsoft provides but it doesn't fix a thing. I know that because my app won't run and I used Component Checker which is also provided by Microsoft.
Once the merge module for MDAC 2.7 came out I tried adding that to a setup and it wouldn't merge over it.

Please help so far the only fix that I have found has been to reload Windows XP.  But that is not what I want to tell people when they call and ask why it won't run.

BTW, when I leave out all the MDAC merge modules the install goes fine and everything runs great!


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Posted 15 August 2002 - 11:20

windows xp has a 'system restore' feature that makes copies of the current system state when requested.  have you tried using one of the previous system restore points to bring the system back ?