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ignored property when passed to msiexec?

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Posted 01 November 2005 - 14:42

I created a small MSI package (using ISDEV8, but I don't think it matters).
After it was installed, I tried to call msiexec in order to reinstall it like so:

msiexec /fa {...guid...} PARENT_SETUP="xxxx"

where PARENT_SETUP is a property that must be set to "xxxx" for the setup to run (this is a launch condition).
But as soon as I hit ENTER, I get the error message from my launch condition, saying that the property is not set to "xxxx". The property also doesn't appear in the msi log.

This is strange because when I do the same for uninstall, the property is valid and appears in the msi log:

msiexec /x {...guid...} PARENT_SETUP="xxxx"

Why isn't it working with the "/fa" switch as it does for the "/x" switch???



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Posted 09 November 2005 - 06:51

Im not %100 sure but when you run a re-install, I think it just uses the the package already installed on the system.

If you run the re-install with verbose logging, you should be able to see what it happening.


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Posted 09 November 2005 - 13:57

You can't set a property in repair/reinstall mode. Look for the scenario. You set INSTALLDIR to a specific folder while base installation. Now, you make a repair and set the INSTALLDIR to a different folder. When this works, the rsult is horrible.

- Andreas

Andreas Kerl

Inside Windows Installer 4.5
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