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Custom Assembly Installation

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Posted 06 June 2005 - 11:49

Hi All,

I have been given an bespoke application to package containing a Windows Service created using .NET. The current manual procedure for registering this service is to execute the InstallUtil.exe that comes as part of the .NET Framework. Putting this into a CA is not a problem but I have read on other forums that this is not the ideal solution.

It was advised that the bridging Dll InstallUtilLib.dll should be invoked to use the System.Configuration.Install namespace. I have done some searching on how to execute this as a CA but have drawn a blank. Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot.


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Posted 16 June 2005 - 23:24


Each component have (also these) 2 proprties:
1) .NET Installer Class (where you can choose either Yes or No).
2) .NET Installer Class Arguments.

You can find documentation about these 2 properties in the IS help file.

Regarding if to use this IS functionality: I had a very bad experience with it (in IS Developer 8.02), especially when things came to reinstalling the application (as in a Repair mode). So I have abandoned this method of installing .NET Services and just used the InstallUtil.exe.