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InstallShield Developer 8

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Posted 07 November 2002 - 17:43

What do you think about InstallShield Developer 8? Do you think it is fair of InstallShield to go for ver 8, even before fixing the problems with ver 7. Are they being fair with the price we paid for developer 7?

Pls post your comments.

Ben Woodcock

Ben Woodcock
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Posted 18 December 2002 - 06:46

I think the biggest thing here is the fact that the ads for developer 7 said it could do most of the things that are now developer 8's selling points.

With developer 7 you were meant to be able to do upgrades (minor major, whatever) and you could though it had nothing to do with installshield. You had to use the direct editor. May as well have just used orca. It does everything installshield can do and you don't end up with installshield registry entries on the end user machine.

They should at least make developer 7 do the things that it was advertised as being able to do.