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Size required problem using CD-ROM folders in Developer 7.01

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Posted 23 November 2001 - 18:39

I'm trying to build an installation CD with a Developer 7.01 standard project and wanted to keep the CD folder structure like the percious Professional 5.5 setup.

I followed the suggestions in the Knowledge Base article Q105432 "HOWTO: Creating CD-ROM Folders in Developer 7 That Are Similar To CD-ROM Folders Built In Professional 6.x".

However the script does not realise that any of the files are going to be installed!

In the custom setup dialog (SdFeatureTree) the required size is 0 whatever features I select, and the "FeatureCompareSizeRequired" function says I have enough room to install on a full floppy.

Here's the relevant bit of my OnFirstUIBefore:

   szTitle = "";
   szMsg   = "";
   nResult = SdAskDestPath( szTitle, szMsg, szDir, 0 );
   INSTALLDIR = szDir;
   if (nResult = BACK) goto Dlg_SdWelcome;

   szTitle    = "";
   szMsg      = "";
   nResult = SetupType ( szTitle , szMsg , "" , nSetupType , 0 );
   if (nResult = BACK) then
       goto Dlg_SdAskDestPath;
       nSetupType = nResult;
       if (nSetupType != CUSTOM) then
      szTargetPath = INSTALLDIR;
      nvSize = 0;
      if (nvSize != 0) then      
              MessageBox( szSdStr_NotEnoughSpace, WARNING );
          goto Dlg_SetupType;

   if ((nResult = BACK) && (nSetupType != CUSTOM)) goto Dlg_SetupType;
   szTitle    = "";
   szMsg      = "";
   szTargetdir = INSTALLDIR;
   szFeatures = "";
   nLevel = 2;
   if (nSetupType = CUSTOM) then
   nResult = SdFeatureTree(szTitle, szMsg, szTargetdir, szFeatures, nLevel);
   if (nResult = BACK) goto Dlg_SetupType;  

When it then goes on to install I get an "Out of disk space" error saying that volume "a:" needs more space, but listing the requirement against volume F:


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Posted 27 November 2001 - 12:05

I've found a solution for the main problem (the reporting of required space against f: rather than a: still baffles me!).

Instead of following the Knowledge Base advice, I have set up my source directory structure using the Directory Table DefaultDir column.

Most of the edits can be made using the Properties dialog on the folders displayed in the Files section of the IDE (Right-click a folder and select Properties) Then set the Source Location to "." (without the quotes).

The only problem with this is that  editing [ProgramFilesFolder] renamed the property as PROGRAMFILESFOLDER, which does not work. So that directory has to be edited in the Directory Table via the Direct Editor (just set the DefaultDir to .).

Finally remove the MsiSetProperty calls from the script.

Now the size required calculations all seem to work correctly.