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Version Message box on Win2K

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Devang Parmar

Devang Parmar
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Posted 23 May 2002 - 09:26


Whenever I install my setups on Window2000 system, a message box appears :

Title : Installshield
Message : 1207 : Windows® Installer1.11.2405.0 found. This is an older version of the Windows® installer. Click OK to continue.

After pressing OK installation works fine. I can understand that there may be version difference. But when I uninstall my application and reinstall it the same message appears.

I would expect this to appear only once and after that it should install new Windows Installer and the next time on this message should not come.

Can anyone help me in this ?

Devang Parmar.

Leigh Ravenhall

Leigh Ravenhall
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Posted 24 May 2002 - 00:14

I assume that you are creating your installation with InstallShield for Windows Installer 2.0x.  

This version of InstallShield builds with an Msi runtime of 1.2, but Win2K only has 1.1 on it.  Because the Msi runtime is under file protection on Win2K, it can only be updated by a service pack or something similar.  (The Msi 2.0 runtimes update successfully)

To disable the warning message, have a look under the release section.  At the bottom, there is an option "Suppress Launcher Warning".  Set it to yes, and the error will no longer appear.
Leigh Ravenhall
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