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Invalid patch file

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Posted 30 December 2004 - 15:31


I've been trying to generate a patch file for our product. Right now I'm stuck at the very end (or at least I think I am). I have successfully created an msp file using the msimsp.exe. But upon creating it I can not use it as I get the following error:
ERROR_PATCH_PACKAGE_INVALID - 1636 - This patch package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer patch package.

So what could be the causes for my frustration? There are no errors during the patch creation proccess using the msimsp.exe.

Maybe I should explain what am I doing during the process.
I have made a small VB application that basically lets the user pick the original msi package, and then builds a new msi package, replacing the files from the old one with new versions of these files. The files in question are .dll, .ocx and .pdb files (Mostly. There are some other files there too). After this my VB program installs both these .msi files (as an administrative installation), and builds an appropriate .pcp file. With this done it proceedes to create the patch package using msimsp.exe and the newly created .pcp file. This also works just fine, without any errors. There are warnings there though. They all concern one and the same thing. The "version" property of the new files has not been changed, so the msimsp.exe is reporting this, but it's still changing the files. A snippet of the log is as follows:
>WARNING (14): File versions are equal. Upgraded: 'C:\PATCH_CREATOR_TEMP\ADMIN_INSTALLS\NEW\.\.\.\files\.\bin\debug\DomainFramework.dll' ver=; Target: 'C:\PATCH_CREATOR_TEMP\ADMIN_INSTALLS\OLD\.\.\.\files\.\bin\debug\DomainFramework.dll' ver=
> Files differ: 'C:\PATCH_CREATOR_TEMP\ADMIN_INSTALLS\NEW\.\.\.\files\.\bin\debug\DomainFramework.dll',
> 'C:\PATCH_CREATOR_TEMP\ADMIN_INSTALLS\OLD\.\.\.\files\.\bin\debug\DomainFramework.dll'.
> Patch API could not create a small patch; using whole upgraded file.
> Including entire file: 'C:\PATCH_CREATOR_TEMP\ADMIN_INSTALLS\NEW\.\.\.\files\.\bin\debug\DomainFramework.dll';
> FTK=F10969_DOMAIN1.DLL; temp location=PatchFam\11023.FLE.

Is this the reason my .msp files are invalid? I believe this could maybe cause some other problems to my patches, but not make my .msp files invalid.

Any help is kindly appreciated.


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Posted 04 January 2005 - 09:45

Hi, have you checked that the value of the ProductValidateFlags field of the TargetImages table allows you to apply the patch on the same version?

Everything about that field is explained on the page below:



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Posted 07 January 2005 - 17:46

QUOTE (cicyle @ 2005-01-04 09:45)
Hi, have you checked that the value of the ProductValidateFlags field of the TargetImages table allows you to apply the patch on the same version?


Hi! Thanks for the tip.

I didn't set the ProductValidateFlags field first time around, but I have tried it out now,
setting the field to several different values, but it still reproduced the same error. I've
tried with the following values 0x00000882, 0x00000A02, 0x00000A22, 0x00000922, 0x000008A2,
0x0000088A, 0x00000C22, 0x00000880 and 0x00000000 and all of these are giving me the same
error as before.

So I still have the same problem.

Further tips are kindly appreciated.