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Posted 16 April 2007 - 15:47

Hi all
I am using IS 12.
I am extended in this forum coz i want to tell all these things

I am creating a series of Patches for my orginal Installation which is Un-compressed.

To create Patch I am using QuickPatchProject which is very straight forward approach. I have created a parent Version say version 2.0.500. Now in quickpatchproject i have included Patch Exisisting file from files tab and referenced modified binary in the updated file section.

But from the Table ISQuickPatchProperty i can see a column OrignalSetupPackageCode and guid value corresponding to it. It has become Impossible for me to know how this guid value is genarated, becuse this value is unique and its not possible to change this value. ( like what we do in Product Code eventhough its uinque but it can be changed) But the OrignalSetupPackageCode guid if i change the patch is not being created. It throughs the following error
ISDEV : fatal error -6560: The stored package code of C:\application\Installer2\PatchHistory\540\UpdatedImage\application.msi, does not match {D986205A-26F5-4A64-B0BA-54BFAE8517AA} which is in the referenced package {D8986205A-26F5-4A6A-B0BA-54BFAE8517AA}. Modifying a referenced MSI package of a Quick Patch, invalidates all Quick Patches that reference that MSI package.Now every time i gave a build this value is getting changed. I want to know how this vaulue is genarated, since its unique and changing this value will not genarate the patch.
(this value is required since i am creating the patch form automation script)

Please tell me from where this value is changed. Its urgent.

Thanks in advance


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Posted 18 April 2007 - 05:35

Hi all and ramu

I am also having the same problem

the OrignalSetupPackageCode is getting changed everytime when i say genarate next version from history view to overide the parent msi and last patch in quick patch project. But this value is unique and it can't be changed. Now how this specific value is genarated?.
its can't be changed, if changed the patch won't be created.

If some body knows this please let me know how to determine this guid value