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Change Property Values During Patching

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Posted 22 November 2004 - 09:59


I' m trying to apply a patch to an installes application I've created with Installshield Developer 8.
When I installed the base version of the application I(full setup) I had set several property values through command line (the command lookes like this: c:> msiexec /i bMasterv811.msi USERTYPE=2 ARPCOMMENT="Workstation Installation" BRANCHNAME="ITEDU" BRANCHCODE="800")
When I apply the patch all those properties get default value (which is in most cases different than the one provided through command line).
I tried to set the values during the patch installation but no success (c:> msiexec /p bMasterUDT.msp USERTYPE=2 ARPCOMMENT="Workstation Installation" BRANCHNAME="ITEDU" BRANCHCODE="800").
Is there any way to set the property values correctly?


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Posted 22 November 2004 - 10:40

The property is called ARPCOMMENTS (with a plural 'S').

Public property values passed on the command line are not stored by Windows Installer, if you want them to be remembered you'll have to use custom actions (I usually store them in the registry).

The custom action should probably do the following:

1) Check for property values passed via the command line and store them in the registry for later use.

2) If no value was specified on the command line, check for a previous value in the registry.

3) If no value was found in the registry, set a default value (if you want).

You should think carefully about where you store the properties and what you call them so that they remain unique (assuming you create several packages).

I have a vbscript example if you're interested.