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"Select Users or Groups" dialog on Win2K+

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Posted 29 November 2001 - 17:22

[ISD7.01 Basic, Win2K+]

Does anyone know how I can launch the standard system dialog for choosing users or groups? I've seen this dialog used in several places within the Win2K management pages but I have no idea how (or even if!) I can use this dialog myself to select one or more users.

If it's accessible to COM then that'd be marvellous (less coding required!) but I can drop down into some deep C++ if needs be.

I don't need a complete example, just a steer towards the correct object/API. From then on I reckon I can probably work it out.



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Posted 02 December 2001 - 21:52

check IDsObjectPicker in MSDN.

but I can drop down into some deep C++ if needs be

... and good luck! :-)))