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Choice of Installation

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Posted 20 May 2004 - 16:12

I would like to create a dialog with three choices; "sample1.exe", "sample2.exe", and "sample3.exe". After selection of "sample1.exe", the installations goes forward in the appropriate manner.

If I later wish to install "sample2.exe", InstallShield first asks me to uinstall the currently installed application. I then rerun the installation, choose "sample2.exe", and "sample2.exe" is installed.

I prefer to do it this way because this is a large installation, and I don't want to have separate installations for each executable.

Is there a solution to this type of problem?


Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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Posted 21 May 2004 - 18:01

That's certainly possible and here's one way of doing it.

First, make individual file groups for sample1.exe, sample2.exe, and sample3.exe. Then include each of these file groups in components such as Sample One, Sample Two, and Sample Three respectively.

Next, override the OnFirstUIBefore event code (for initial runnings of the setup) to display the SdAskOptions dialog and thereby allowing the user to select one of these samples. Then, based on the resulting dialog selection, use ComponentSelectItem to replicate those selections against the previously created components.

You'll also need to override the OnMaintUIBefore event code (for subsequent runnings of the setup) to perform similar actions.

By default, IS will uninstall any deselected components, so if you simply enforce that only one component can be selected, that would be sufficient.

Well I hope that gives you some idea how to accomplish and I hope I wasn't too technical. Remember the IS help has information on each of these areas. Good luck.
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