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Conditional Advertised Desktop Shortcuts

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Posted 05 February 2007 - 19:57

I'm trying to do what should be a simple thing: install an executable with an advertised shortcut on the desktop. The shortcut needs to be created only if a certain property is set (the user needs to checks a checkbox during install).

I need the shortcut to be advertised because my application needs to be able to run either local or from source.

In order to achieve this I had to create two identical components, both containing the same executable, but one also containing the extra Desktop shortcut. The 2 components have mutually exclusive conditions, based on the property that controls the creation of desktop shortcuts.

There are 2 problems here though:
1. My installer greatly increased in size since my big executable now is stored twice in the MSI.
2. I keep getting ICE30 warnings during validation, and I know that it's not good practice to install the same file in the same location by two different components.

Can this conditional installation of advertised desktop shortcuts be achieved in a different way then?



Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 06 February 2007 - 18:53

You could conditionally copy the shortcut from the start menu to the desktop.