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Existing Installed Instances Detected message

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Posted 12 October 2010 - 19:44


Ever since upgrading to InstallShield 2010, we have had intermittent cases where a "Existing Installed Instances Detected" dialog box appears.
It occurs immediately after a DoInstall called from the host program.
The host program uses /clone_wait /hide_usd /runfromtemp as its setup command line.
The one called using DoInstall uses /hide_usd as its setup command line.
Within the setup script for the host install program, the doinstall line also contains the following options:

1. When that Existing Installed Instances Detected dialog box appears, it does not list the app being called in the rather long list. At any rate, my desire is for that dialog box to never display at all, regardless of which apps may or may not be displayed within that dialog box's app list.

2. The problem seems to occur if the user has previously installed, run, then uninstalled the main program (and, by association, also installs then uninstalls the called program), ensures that the program files and program folder are indeed removed from the hard drive, then reinstalls the program into the same program folder that it was previously installed to. I believe if the user then attempts to install the program to a never-before-used folder, that the install proceeds as expected without the Existing Installed Instances Detected message occuring.

3. Although I state that the problem occured immediately after updating to ver 2010 (which is true), I should mention that we initially had a persistent problem with the called installer (called from the same doinstall line I am referring to in this post) whereby the called installer UI would not show up at all unless it was called with DOINSTALL_OPTION_NOHIDEPROGRESS. Previously, we did not use nor want that line as we always wanted to hide the initial "please wait" message when the installer was called using doinstall. So since then we have been putting up with needing to show the "please wait" message since it is now the only way we can get the called installer UI to show up at all. This may have nothing to do with the problem I have posted about but I thought it may bear mentioning just in case.

4. This issue refers to an InstallScript (NON-msi) project.

Any help will be much appreciated!


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Posted 13 October 2010 - 13:38

I'm not sure of the solution to your problem, so I would recommend contacting Flexera about such upgrade isses.
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