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Welcome Dialog box appears twice and focus pb

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Posted 22 May 2001 - 01:50

when i run setup.exe, it shows the 'Welcome Dialog Box' twice!

Now, there are two conditions:
1. if a Billboard (green color screen in background) is in the project, then,
first time this Dialog box (Welcome..) has the focus and next time it looses the focus. All the successive dialog boxes also appear without focus and user has to click on them to move on..

2. if BillBoard is NOT in project then the only pb is that the first box (Welcome dialog box) appears twice! and Focus pb is not there..

1. In Power Editor, there are no entries in BBControl, and BillBoard tables.

i am new to Installshield, pl help!


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Posted 22 May 2001 - 02:39

Ok, i tried something else too:

I created a NEW project in wizard, and selected ALL default values in it. Also, I did NOT add any FILE/SHORTCUT etc in the wizard.
So this gives me a plain project which will run setup without installing anything..

When I run setup.exe, Welcome Box appears twice!

Can Someone help with all this information.