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Metaedit Silent Install

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Posted 12 August 2003 - 18:02

Does anyone know how to install the Metabase Editor, Metaedit, silently? I would like to include this in a package I am building but I cannot get the /Q to work correctly. The setup just runs normally expecing user interaction. It will not run silently.

I am also looking for a way to do this with the Soap Toolkit and Windows Messaging if anyone has done it. They all behave in the same manner.

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Taco Bell

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Posted 12 August 2003 - 21:46

I've never heard of Metaedit, but sounds like the setup wasn't created in IS Pro 6 then. 'cause the command line arguments you use to do this depend on the supporting application. Try a /? to see what ones apply to each of these setups.
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