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how to prevent runapplication from being uninstall

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Posted 11 January 2006 - 18:04

Hi all,
I just want to prevent the uninstallation process if the application is running.
I've tried deinstallsetreference but not supported in is6. Firther i've tried..

is(FILE_LOCKED,svpath) then
MessageBox("Can not Uninstall running appln", SEVERE);

The code I've put in ProcessBeforeDataMove(), after deinstallstart() and regestry functions. But still it uninstalls the running appln when tried(except running exe).only some message appears regarding manual uninstallation of .exe.
How to proceed? any reference code?
Thanks smile.gif

Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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Posted 12 January 2006 - 01:07

It seems like that code should work, but it's in the wrong place. It should go in the OnMaintUIBefore event instead.

However, for an alternative implementation though, check out this sample code.
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