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What to do with env vars in reg

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Posted 24 April 2003 - 22:56

When you query keys from the registry with RegDBGetKeyValueEx the type sometimes comes back as REGDB_STRING_EXPAND.
We have a parser to deal with getting back a value from the registry like '%programfiles%' but we have found that there are many other variables like '%systemroot%'.

So, does IShield6.3 have any functions to make this conversion more simple?

Does anyone have an idea how to deal with this issue?
I would hate to have to search for all the variables and add them to my parser, but if its all we have to work with...

Scott Mayham

Scott Mayham
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Posted 25 April 2003 - 13:42

It's not clear from your post, WHY you are bothering to try to "parse" the EnvVars. The only one which routinely gets parsed is the PATH, which you did not even mention.

Most of the common locations which you may wish to use in your script are already provided for you by IS ins the form of "System Variables", e.g., COMMONFILES, PROGRAMFILES, WINSYSDIR, etc. (look up "System Variables" in Help). Beyond that, there are functions in IS to look up or set any EnvVar, e.g., GetEnvVar, and there is a handy "wrapper" function available here on InstallSite, GetSetEnv.

If those don't solve your problem, perhaps you could describe in more detail what problem you are attempting to solve.

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