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Error: 1608

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Posted 25 January 2002 - 05:25

When running run setup.exe from the CD

I get this error:
"1608: Unable to create InstallDriver instance"
during the "Configuring Windows Installer" phase right in the beginning.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling ISScript with the "isscript.msi",
but that doesn't help.

If anyone has a clue where that 1608 error comes from, I'd be happy to hear...


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Posted 27 January 2002 - 02:26

Yeah, me too with v7.02, but only on 2 of 3 Win-2KSP2 machines.  After experimenting with the machine differences, I was able to determine that the 1608 Error only occured if the "Client for Microsoft Networks" was not installed!

I know how bizzare this sounds, but I was able to repeatedly reproduce/fix the Error by unstalling/reinstalling the Client.