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What for is table UpgradedFilesToIgnore in *.pcp?

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Rimantas Varanavicius

Rimantas Varanavicius
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Posted 14 January 2004 - 13:41


I have a general question:
What for is table UpgradedFilesToIgnore in *.pcp? How is it to be used? I tried to enter the key of the file to ignore when updating but it does not seem to work.
Am I doing something wrong or there is some other purpose for the UpgradedFilesToIgnore table?
Thank you.



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Posted 15 January 2004 - 07:29

Do you have a copy of the MSI SDK? This contains some information regarding this table.
All if really does is prevent files being upgraded during the patching process.


Foreign key to the Upgraded column of the UpgradedImages Table (Patchwiz.dll). The patch creation tool excludes updating the file specified in the FTK column of the UpgradedFilesToIgnore table when upgrading a target to the image specified in the Upgraded field. Enter a value of "*" in the Upgraded field to exclude updating the file for all upgraded images.

Foreign key into the File table of the upgraded image. A value of the form "<prefix>*" will match all file table keys in the File table that begin with that prefix. No text can follow the asterisk.