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can overwrite property change at run time?

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Posted 15 April 2004 - 22:37


I need a way to have a command line option (like setup -t) to update files based on version/date/time or a separate command line option (like setup -a)
to always copy the files independent of version/date/time. This can be statically
set in the File Groups Property of Overwrite but can I manipulate this at
run time when the command line options are evaluated?

I looked at ComponentSetData but didn't see any Overwrite kind of property exposed. Any suggestions on another way to accomplish this?



Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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Posted 16 April 2004 - 05:16

I see four ways you can accomplish this, but there are probably more.

One way would be to duplicate your file groups & components in order to have a set that's pre-defined for version/date/time checks and a set that's pre-defined to always overwrite. This may not be realistic though depending on the number of items involved.

Another way would be to abandon file groups & components entirely and simply reply on InstallScript code to manually XCopy the files with the appropriate nOp value based on the command-line option (i.e. nOp of COMP_NORMAL for -a)

A similar, but less extreme approach, would be to create such file groups on-the-fly using InstallScript to meet your needs, but I've never actually tried doing this myself.

A final option is a mixture of the above. It would involve turning off the compression of the data files for your media and use XCopy to for one of the command-line switches and use the standard file group/components for the other command-line switch (or the lack thereof since you're make it the default action).

You might even be able to just override one of the pre-existing InstallShield events, but I'd have to look through the documentation to see just what event that might be. I'll check into this further tomorrow though and see what I can find.

Hope it helps.
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