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Error 1406 - Can't write Registry Values!

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Posted 07 March 2003 - 17:50

Let me first start off by saying that, up until know, our installation process has not caused a problem in this area.  

OK, during our install, 1406 Errors appear on various HKCU\Software\Classes\TypeLib registry entries.  For some reason, the permissions on these various keys were bad.  This occurred after a Rollback due to a different error stemming from attempting to start a Windows service.

So, while encountering the 1406 errors, I would change the permissions via Regedt32 then click Retry, which would then send the installation forward until the next error was encountered.  After about 15 minutes of changing the permissions in this fashion, I decided to Ignore the errors to count how many more I had to change.  I then clicked Abort/Cancel so I could restart the installation process to complete the task of changing permissions on the remaining problematic keys.  

However, when I ran the installation a second time, the keys I had changed previously again had the permission settings removed.  It seems to me that something in Rollback is doing this.  Is this the case?  If so, how can I prevent this from occurring during Rollback in the future?

Any help is Greatly Appreciated, as always!


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Posted 20 March 2003 - 16:47

these keys are originally written to root 0 (hkcr) or to root 1 (hkcu)? maybe you're installing to a user, not to a machine?
can you reproduce the behaviour on other machines?

I had some similar behaviours while designing our w2k-domain with installing with GPO (or installing with /ju) and
on some weird machines. there this behaviour resulted out of a damaged hive-acl.

maybe this helps.