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Passing properties to a merge module

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Posted 19 November 2001 - 16:30

Hi, I have a setup project that includes a merge module. There are a few properties that I need to set inside the merge module in order for it to install propertly. How do I do that? And I can't use merge module dialogs, because the setup I'm writing must be able to run in silent mode as well.

Suggestions? Thanks.


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Posted 19 November 2001 - 19:30

If you know the property names and values you need, simply add them to the property table.  If you are using InstallShield, the property manager is the place to do this. Without ISWI, Orca is your best bet for setting properties.
If you don't know the values you need until runtime, you will need to use (or create your own) dialog for gathering the information from the user.  You will  need to add the property names to the property table then identify those names for the controls responsible for filling them.
Remember: Properties are case sensitive, so that should always be the first thing to check in case of trouble. If the properties need to be used in both UI and Execute sequences, be sure to name properties in all caps, as that makes them global properties.

Good Luck!