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Shortcuts are not getting removed during uninstallation

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Posted 28 September 2001 - 17:00


I have two compressed setup.exe's I created using a single
ISWI 2.03 project file.  Renamed one as App1.exe, and the
other one as App2.exe.

App1.exe has feature1, feature2 and feature3 and its own
product code, package code etc.

App2.exe has the same feature1 and feature3, NO feature 2
and an additional feature4.  I assigned App2.exe, its own
unique product code, package code etc.

All this effort setting up unique product codes etc. is to allow
for both .exes to coexist as different installations on the same machine.

Now, I am able to install both App1 and App2 on the same
machine one after the other, fine.

The first app that I uninstall results in the removal of the installed
files fine.  But the shorts cuts remain.

The second app that I uninstall results in the removal of the
files/shortcuts fine.

The problem is that the first uninstalled app's short cuts remain.

The shortcuts I am setting up are as follows

    Program Files
         My Apps
              Uninstall App1
              Uninstall App2

Please note that the components in both App1.exe and App2.exe have the same

I appreciate any pointers/help regarding the above problem.

Michael Oerder

Michael Oerder
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Posted 08 October 2001 - 09:34

I have an idea what could be the problem but I never tried this.

Shortcuts belong to components.
Components can be marked as SHARED. That means that these components are reference counted. They will be removed when the reference count reaches 0.

What happens to a shortcut that belongs to a shared component with a reference count >1 when an application is uninstalled ?

The component will not be removed because the reference count is not 0. Maybe the shortcut will not be removed too in this situation.


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Posted 13 December 2001 - 17:10

Hi Michael

I understand what we are saying.

But, when I checked my project, all my components by default, were set with 'shared' attribute as 'No'.

So, I am not sure if the the SHARED attribute is the culprit.

Thank you for your input.


Ian Blake

Ian Blake
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Posted 14 December 2001 - 10:10

Hmm, tricky.

Is this the scenario

---Feature 1
-------Component A with Shortcut 1
---Feature 2
-------Component A with Shortcut 2

In this particular case when Product 1 is removed. we have two instances of Component A so component A is not removed.  When the shortcut table is processed the shortcut is not removed because it depends upon component A being removed.

When the second product is removed Component A is removed.  The remove shortcuts action notes that Component A is being removed and finds the shortcut belonging to it and removes it.  The product 1 shortcut is ignored because it is not part of t product 2.

Do you need advertise shortcuts.  If not you can make your shortcuts dependent upon a unique component.   Perhaps a registry key component created for the purpose.

I hope this helps you think about what is occuring.  Also take a look at logfiles these often help the understanding of bizarre happenings.  My scenario may be completely wrong.