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Dll not being updated

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Posted 26 March 2003 - 09:20

I am now managing the development of the Installations for 2 separate products. They both use 2 custom dlls we have developed. One product is now released, whilst another is still in development and uses a later build of each dll. These later dlls are backwardly compatible so that the released product can use them, however the new (in development product) cannot use the older versions and thus needs them overwritten if both products are installed together.

The problem I have found is that when both products are installed togther, one of the dlls is not overwritten by the latest version of the dll (when installing the newer product after installing the released one). This is despite the fact that it is not a Com dll, it clearly has version information marking it as more recent, I have marked the installation flags in the new installation to overwrite if necessary, and the effect occurs even if the products are installed immediately one after the other (so there is no question that the dll somehow gets locked and cannot be overwritten).

Does anyone know how it could be that this one dll is not being updated, and how I can fix the problem? I have a short-term fix - the later product deletes any existing copies of the dll - but that is not ideal and I want Install Shield to keep track of versions, as it appears to do for the other dll.


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Posted 26 March 2003 - 19:26

If you are doing an Upgrade try setting the REINSTALLMODE=AMUS in the upgrade msi.
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