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.NET framework merge module

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ryan h

ryan h
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Posted 15 April 2002 - 18:58

Can anyone tell me if there is/or will sometime be, a merge module that will include all of the MS .NET redistributable files?  If there isn't going to be one, could anyone explain to me why?  Thanks for help in advance.
Ryan H.

Jamie Clayton

Jamie Clayton
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Posted 09 May 2002 - 07:20


I was talking to one of the Microsoft .net Product Managers a few weeks ago at the Sydney VSLive conference and he said they were having troubles building the MSM.  Apparently it was 3 days off being completed before final release, but the marketing guys wanted the product out. (Well that's what he said)

Basically Microsoft Strategy it to push the .net framework out to all desktops (XP only it would seem), via the Windows Update service.  

I think this sucks myself because most of my clients don't have XP operating systems.  I'm not sure I would want .net solutions on older OS systems like 9x, because they are likely to under rated PC's (Hardware).  I'm not sure the public would like "critical updates" like 20MB comming down there 56K modem connections either.

Jamie :)