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uninstall does not remove files

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Posted 16 July 2003 - 00:05

When I run uninstall from either A/R or setup.exe, it seems to go through the motions and report that uninstall completed successfully, but the files are not removed. I've made a very simple installer with only one file. I noticed that if I manually delete the file and then run the uninstall, the directories are deleted. The online help is, of course, absolutely no help. Any suggestions where to start looking? It's very frustrating to spend so much time and money on a lousy product that can't do something simple like uninstall a file without jumping through hoops..


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Posted 16 July 2003 - 07:29

I have found problems like this all of the time. My main concern is that Windows Installer does not provide enough ouput to determine why certain files/folders do not get remove during the uninstall.

The likely reason is that the file is either being created after the install, so Windows Installer will not know about it so it cannot delete it, or the component is set as permanent so the file will never be removed.

You can also run in verbose log mode during the uninstall and see if that shows you anything.
msiexec /I "msifile.msi" /L*V c:\msilog.txt


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Posted 29 July 2003 - 21:23

I've had this problem before as well.
Come to find out, it was because I needed to have at least one file in the actual INSTALLDIR directory.
If I kept my INSTALLDIR directory empty, when uninstalling, it had trouble locating where the files were installed so it was unable to uninstall them.

I don't know why, but I tried it over and over again, and with a file installed to InstallDir Root, and without, and I got the same results everytime.

Maybe this will help. cool.gif

.::Travis Mixon::.