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Finding Version

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Posted 05 April 2002 - 12:09

I have written a C++ program that launches several windows installer installs and also does many other bits (which is why I wrote it in c++).  I would like to know if there is a way of checking what version of windows installer is installed so that I can (if needed) run instmsiW.exe (i.e. update Windows Installer).  Is there a registry key that will tell me this info.


Ian Blake

Ian Blake
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Posted 05 April 2002 - 13:35

The registry key
has a value "InstallerLocation"  this contains the path where msi is installed.  If this key is absent msi is not installed.

In the directory indicated there is a file MSI.DLL the version of this dll can be obtained by MsiGetFileVersion or DllGetVersion. This is the version of the currently installed MSI.

see Msi help
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---How do I determine the Windows Installer Version?
Ian Blake
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