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Error 1706, No valid source could be found

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Posted 20 September 2002 - 06:43

Hi All,

  I have installed a software using CD-ROM, and the .msi
file doesn't reside on the root folder of the media.

  When I try to uninstall this software using "Add/Remove
Programs" in control panel, it asks me to insert the CD
again. If I press Cancel there, I get the error 1706 (i.e.
No Valid source could be found"

  Are there any registry entries to be modified so that I dont
have to use the CD while uninstalling the software.

Vivek Chopra

Additional Information:
 Another thing I noticed was that another .msi (with
different name) is automatically created under
C:\Winnt\Installer when I installed this software. (btw
Installer is a HIDDEN HIDDEN folder, which you can't see
and you gotta type it yourself in address bar to get
there) and when I try to execute that .msi from
C:\Winnt\Installer folder, it behaves the same way as I
explained above (returns me an error).

 If I copy .msi file from the CD-ROM to the same
folder "C:\Winnt\Installer" and try to execute the
previously existing .msi, that doesn't work either. But
the one I copied from CD can be used to uninstall.

   Now if I copy both these .msi files (one which had
already existed in C:\winnt\installer and another one
copied from CD-ROM) to any other location on the local
drive (e.g. C:\Check), I can execute any of those to
uninstall. Somehow, both can be used to uninstall now.
BUT "Add/Remove Programs" still doesn't work :(

   I guess there are some registry entries to be
modified. Does anyone have any clue ??


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Posted 23 September 2002 - 23:40

In your InstallExecuteSequence, there is an aciton called ResolveSource. You will need to add on a condtion called NOTREMOVE.

This will make sure the action does not run on a remove, and thus will allow the install to uninstall without the source.


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Posted 11 October 2002 - 21:47

IS KB Q107140, Q105626
MS KB Q299803
Known Problems in the Windows Installer Engine Version 2.0