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Possible to use multiple merge modules?

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Posted 28 September 2006 - 18:49

I am trying to add more than one merge modules to a feature and the build fails everytime. Adding one merge module to a feature creates the merge module holder and IS 10.5 allows me to add multiple merge modules to this merge module holder, but if there is more than one merge module in the holder the build errors out.

It should be noted that these are custom merge modules ... that all work well in MSI installs.

I tried adding multiple merge modules that were included wth 10.5 ... it worked with a few, but after adding more I am getting "Error - 1627, Description - Function failed during execution."

Merging : Object Guid - {9412DA53-FB60-4DE9-82A1-4F4CD2648DF5}
Error - 87
Description - The parameter is incorrect.

File - D:\BldRoot\source\ObjectsPro\VCWizards\MergeModuleObj\MsmInfo.cpp
Line Number - 72
  Feature: DefaultFeature\New Merge Module Holder Object 1.
  Feature: Msi12A.
  Feature: Msi12W.
  Feature: Msi20A.
  Feature: Msi20W.
  Feature: MsiComponent.
ISDEV : warning -5000: Object 'DefaultFeature\New Merge Module Holder Object 1' contains a link to a nonexistent file C:\MySetups\Version10.5\PRODUCTNAME\Media\Release 1\Disk Images\MsiStub\{9412DA53-FB60-4DE9-82A1-4F4CD2648DF5}\PRODUCTNAME.msi.


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Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 29 September 2006 - 07:21

I'm not sure if its possible with the module holder object. Two possible workarounds: add (invisible) sub-features. Or create a simple Basic MSI project for the merge modules and run that from your InstallScript setup (LaunchAppAndWait msiexec.exe). Basically that's what the module holder object does anyway. You need to care for maintenance operations and uninstall of course.