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Installshield fails to be reinstalled

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Posted 26 September 2004 - 20:01

My installshield winXP installer sometimes causes this [1] bug, ie, "interface not found" error. When trying to update the ikernel as [1] suggests (with ikernelupdate.exe), I'm getting the very same "interface not found" error. When trying to update the whole installshield software as suggested in [2] I recieved error 0x80040706 (see [3]) when installing .exe files in [2], zipped msi files installation went well, but didn't affected the "interface not found" bug. NVIDIA Geforce installer gives me this bug.
Is there any way to manually install ikernelupdate.exe, or any other Insallshield updates. Where are installshield's files reside (aside in common files/installshield, as deleting them doesn't seem to bother anything) and lastly, how can I return to the original installshield version supplied with winXP. Any other suggestion to solve my problem or to install NVIDIA drivers will be gladly accepted. Regards mehlng (at) yahoo dot com.

[1] http://consumer.inst....asp?id=Q110609 Interface not found error
[2] http://consumer.inst....asp?id=Q108322 Reinstalling Installshield
[3] http://consumer.inst....asp?id=Q110641 Error 0x80040706

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 27 September 2004 - 08:16

InstallShield doesn't come with Windows XP. It comes with many software packages however.
Did you try (as suggested in [1]) to manually register ctor.dll? Did it register successfully?