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CheckBox property question

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Posted 05 May 2003 - 19:51

Heres the sencerio
I have a dialog with Sevral check boxes

checkbox 1 is initialy set to unchecked, PROPERTY CHECKBOX1=""

then for checkbox 2 I have the following

Disable CHECKBOX1<>1
Eneble CHECKBOX1=1
Works great !

The problem occurs that if checkbox1 is preselected with the property CHECKBOX1=1

checkbox 2 remains grayed out until I click checkbox1, and click checkbox 1 again.
Any ideas ?

Stefan Secker

Stefan Secker
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Posted 15 May 2003 - 10:07

Hi Michael

haven't tested but i think you have to set the "Enabled" property of your checkbox 2 to "True" in design mode of the dialog.

And maybe you should empty the property value of this second checkbox.

Stefan wink.gif

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