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Fails to get data from InstallState when uninstall

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Rimantas Varanavicius

Rimantas Varanavicius
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Posted 02 December 2003 - 14:01


I've created msi file using VS.NET web setup project with custom actions.
Then generated the patch file msp using msimsp.exe.
Now when trying to uninstall the product, after patch is applied, it fails
to get the installstate data (savedState parameter) in a uninstall custom action.
After applying patch I've checked out the *.InstallState file located in a
product installation directory, it's stucture seems to be ok, and I can find
the needed data in it.
I've implemented custom actions as System.Configuration.Install.Installer
subclasses, and when trying to get the data from savedState parameter in
Uninstall method it turns out to be null if patch is applied. If patch is
not applied - everything works ok - I can retrieve the data from savedState,
as it is not null.
Why is that after patch applied I can't access the savedState data?

Another question is: I know that msi file is cached somewhere by the system
after installation process. What about the dlls, that contain the custom
actions, to be ran during uninstall. Are they cached too?

Thank you.


Rimantas Varanavicius

Rimantas Varanavicius
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Posted 11 December 2003 - 11:10

Ok, so the problem was that, custom action used to be executed during patching . And the custom action managed to fail silently while running, and this way the installstate file used to be violated. I quess that custom action used to throw some kind of an exception (uncought), but it did not resulted in some UI message box as others. This way I used to think that everything is ok with the custom action, but there's something wrong elsewhere...
Thanks for you effort to everyone who tried to help me, by viewing the post