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Registry Launch Cond to Specify Target Dir Problem

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Posted 01 October 2005 - 20:20

I am trying to create a setup package with Visual Studio 2003 to install a set of files to a previous installation using the method "Using a Registry Launch Condition to Specify a Target Directory" http://msdn.microsof...etdirectory.asp

However it does not work as intended as from the setup log I can see that the registry value is not returned until after the target directory has been formed. So my launch condition [INSTALLATION PATH] variable is empty when applied to the DefaultLocation of my target directory.

Any ideas?


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Posted 30 December 2005 - 11:25

I think [INSTALLATION PATH] is not a good property, so i hope you used a different one, because MSI won't support that space in there.
If you set it to INSTALLDIR, my guess is it will work.

If i get the idea correctly you could do it like this:
(note that i'm writing this from a MSI editor perspective (u could use Orca))

Fill in the RegLocator table; every column is described pretty clearly in the Installer SDK
Fill in the AppSearch table; using INSTALLDIR as your property, and using the signature defined in the RegLocator table.

This should overwrite the current INSTALLDIR property, and set your installation directory to the path found in the registry.

Hope this helps you out.