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TLB registration/unregistration

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Posted 03 June 2003 - 15:23


How can I detect, which application using my registered TLB before I want to uninstall it?


App1 register the Tlb1
App2 register the same Tlb1 on the same machine

When I uninstall the App2, how can I decide if App1 depends on Tlb1

Is there way in IS script or internal IS function to define this kind of dependency.

Thank you


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Posted 04 June 2003 - 09:51

Well, the registration is just a bunch of registry keys, there's no telling who created these keys.

But if this typelib is installed by two Msi packages, using the same component code (eg. it was included in a MSM), you have an option. Call MsiEnumClients, to enumerate all products with this particular component. For each product, you can call MsiGetProductInfo to obtain its name.

Can't tell you how to do this in script, but it should get you started.