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Which code indicates MSI success ?

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Posted 25 July 2003 - 15:38

Objective: I would like to programmatically determine if an MSI-based installation was successful.

I poked around a bit and found "A8:08" at the end of two successful installation's MSI log files.

So I assume that MSI note "A8:08" means successful installation (it occurs as the final entry into both of my successful silent logs), but I haven't found documentation or notes anywhere to support this.

Maybe this is entirely the wrong approach.

Can anyone confirm or offer comments ?

- Ajeet

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 25 July 2003 - 16:34

No these values relate to some handles.

msiexec.exe will return 0 upon success, or an error code from Winerror.h in case of failure.

Other typical exit codes are 1603 (fatal error), 1602 (cancelled by user) or 1604 (reboot required to continue installation)