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Can't set program dir for SQL 2K MMs

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Posted 01 October 2001 - 18:28

I know you're supposed to be able to change different install
properties via the property table and custom actions but I keep
getting "cannot access network location" errors at run time.

I have the props set in my table (i.e. SqlProgramDir) and have
tried setting it to the install dir but I get the above error.  

I can only imagine that SQL can't set these properties before
the user has actually set the install dir?  

Is there a certain place these CAs need to go?



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Posted 29 October 2001 - 23:54

I ran into this same problem with installshield developer 7.0. You have to be careful using the property table to set SqlProgramDir to something like INSTALLDIR as it will literally use "INSTALLDIR". Test it out by using a hard coded path that you know exists.

If you want to use INSTALLDIR, you need to set SqlProgramDir with a custom action. Put this custom action before any other msde custom actions. You can verify this by manually looking at your msi database after build a release.


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Posted 12 November 2001 - 11:53

Matt is right. In my experience, it is recomendable to set the internal properties for SQL mm through CA (type 51). Like that you are more in control of what's happening and when it is happening.

Rastislav Zima

Rastislav Zima
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Posted 21 March 2002 - 10:01

Well I have looked at my .msi database into InstallUISequence table and the first msde custom action has the sequence number = 1 (some ProgramFilesFolder custom actions) so there is no way how to put my custom action before it.
Monkers, do You know exactly before which msde custom action I have to put my custom action?
InstallSite tip (Setting the Instance Name and Other Parameters with MSDE Merge Modules) says that CA51 setting the MSDE properties should be put in exefcute sequence before CostInitialize action but this doesn't work (at least not for all properties)...