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Path Problem With Installshield

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Posted 11 February 2004 - 17:36

Hi Dudes,

I am relatively new to the installshield world, so my apologies incase many of u studs find my problem age old n poor. :-)

I am facing the problem wherein I append the softwares path to the PATH env variable but after the uninstall the software PATH does not get removed from the path env variable.
For that I am using the code given on

topic to look for :: Handle Path Environment on NT

The author gives implementation of the two function SetEnvPath() and RemoveFromPath().
I fail to understand from where should I call RemoveFromPath() such that it will be executed during uninstall.
Any suggesstions... Please help !

Else is there any better way , I want to avoid useing a DLL for uninstall, if possible.

Thx so much,

Sandeep !

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 11 February 2004 - 18:19

Why don't yu use the method that is built into MSI, i.e. the Environment table?