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MDAC 2.7

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Posted 26 February 2003 - 19:34

Now I have built an install set including the  MDAC 2.7 SP1 merge module from InstallShield.
But MDAC 2.7 SP1 fails when I try to install on a Windows XP Prof.(SP1) computer. MDAC says it can't install on that PC and comes up with a list of verisons it can install on, among those is Windows XP?

Is there something fishy with the merge module?

As far as I know MDAC 2.7 is preinstalled with Windows XP so there should be no need to even try installing it.


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Posted 23 April 2003 - 10:17

The only way to install MDAC 2.7 SP1 on Windows XP is to apply Windows XP SP1.

IMO, your problem is a bug in the Merge Module by not testing OS version on target computer.