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BDE silent installation

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Posted 10 October 2002 - 13:06

i created an installation using the bde 5.11 merge module. the installation with user interface is working fine, but starting the installer with the /qn option in silent mode does not install the required oracle drivers. are there properties i could use to install the specific drivers? any ideas?

thanx in advance,



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Posted 10 October 2002 - 13:27

i have experienced similiar problems using the different interface settings: /qr, /qb, /qn.  from what i have seen it appears that the biggest difference occurs when the Basic interface is used.

the differences when using either the /qr or /qn seem to be negligible.  but when the /qb switch is used it seems certain registry settings and files are not copied to the system ( in one case of the MS Proofing Tools the use of the /qb switch resulted in losing 38 CLSID entries and 5 entries that were different.  in the end analysis this seemed to imply the that basic switch resulted in differences related to hidden features ).

does anyone know how these switches effect the way a msi executes ?

Ian Blake

Ian Blake
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Posted 10 October 2002 - 14:46

As I understand it but not necessarily correct

/qr InstallUISequence is run apart from dialogues
/qb InstallUISequence is not run and a simple default progress bar and error message are displayed
/qn InstallUISequece is not run and no dialogs are displayed. If a reboot is required it will occur without prompting.

I would assume this merge module has some dependency on the UI sequence.  This would be a bug.  Maybe you can look at the merge module and see if any interesting CAs are being run in the InstallUISequence and dialogues and see if you can supply sensible default behaviour when there is a limited UI.
Ian Blake
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