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Authoring MSI via Visual Studio Installer

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Posted 22 October 2004 - 22:36


I have to author a small installer that will update parts of an existing application as an "add-on", and requires MSXML 4 SP2. I have the various MSMs I need, along with a single DLL and a template file. The wording of the MSXML redist docs seem to suggest you have to use their MSMs -- i.e., you cannot legally bundle the stand-alone MSI in something like InstallShield. It seemed simpliest to use Visual Studio Installer to include the MSMs and other components I need and away I'd go.

Well, not so fast. How does one actually author an installer with MSVS Installer? I get the general idea of the MSI database, and get the whole feature/component stuff. I'm just totally stumped on *how* to do this with the tools at hand. It looks like MSVS Installer is unable to do much but the most basic of installers.

For example, I cannot figure out how to find a regkey and use the results of that key to make decisions on what and where to install. I can't figure out how to install for the whole machine, or just one user. There is no easy way to check for things like Office. Furthermore, no matter how I try, the msxml DLL is never installed, even though I've included the MSM as a component. There is only one feature.

I've reviewed some of the postings here, but quite honestly there are a lot of questions with few answers with respect to getting MSMs to actually place files on target machines.

Do I really have to make a simple installer with MSVS, and then hack the MSI database by hand with something like "Orca"? I've got an installer that runs decently (other than not being able to update MSXML) but it fails validation all over the place in Orca.

Finally, is it possible to run the Windows installer 2.0 update from the MSI that MSVS makes? By "possible", I mean essentially pain-free.

Oops. Sorry for posting this in the wrong area. This should be in the general MSI queries section.

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Posted 25 October 2004 - 19:36

is it possible to run the Windows installer 2.0 update from the MSI that MSVS makes? By "possible", I mean essentially pain-free

I read the Fine Manual and discovered that yes, this is easy to do. Painless, even. My "Release" target now makes a full setup.exe that checks for the right version of msiexec first.

I'm still trying to understand how one can author an installer that has logic within it to check for registry keys and the like. Am I missing something?

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