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check "view readme file" checkbox

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Talia cohen

Talia cohen
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Posted 03 July 2001 - 15:07

How to check the "View readme file" checkbox before this dialog appears?
i would like to check this field according to a flage in the "setup.ini" file


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Posted 12 July 2001 - 00:13

Here is how I control the checkbox:
I usually make the checkbox property public in the Dialog Manager (all caps), let us call it CHECKBOX,  and set the "Property is Integer" true (if you are using 0 or 1 as your test value).

I then go to the Advanced View-Property manager and initialize the CHECKBOX to 1 which makes the box checked when the installer reaches the dialog.

I don't know how to parse the setup.ini file, but we do have a similar setup idea (I'm assuming you have a way of searching for your value).  Instead, I created a custom dll  that parses the registry,  returns 1if it is successful, returns a  zero if it fails.  The return value is assigned to CHECKBOX through a custom action.

Hope this helps,