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How to change the setup in users machine

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Posted 28 June 2002 - 16:35

We have developed a product and we are using InstallShield Express 3.03 to create the setup.
We are distributing this s/w via download as well in CD's.This product is now being used by some of our clients.

Now at this stage we have made some important changes in the setup and in our EXE as well, and we intend to give them a patch.  Now the question is what needs to be done so that these changes(changes in setup created using installshield) gets reflected. We want the users to be able to see the changes in the setup procedure, when they go for uninstall/repair/modify. Is this possible? If yes how can we go about it?

In case more detail is needed in this context, please get back to me.

Thanks and regards
Soni Viswanathan
Design2 Technologies India Ltd.


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Posted 30 July 2002 - 22:15

You can use a major upgrading, a minor upgrading or patch. For more information see this site under Windows Installer\Tools & Tips a Updates and Patches section; or in MSDN find a "Windows Installer Examples" topic.
Good luck,
Irina Shirinsky
Software Engineer, Heroix Corporation