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Incorrect Checksum ?!?

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Posted 10 June 2007 - 23:37

Hi Guys,

This one has me stumped.

I've created an MSI with a single feature. As part of this feature I have a CurrentUser component which I want to autoheal HKCU registry key settings.

Now the tricky thing is the user may not have access to the source files, but I thought this would be ok as the theoretically the cached MSI should contain the required registry information.

But when a new user logs in and runs the app it requests the source. Okay... ?

I found in the MSI log that apparently one of the files it checked has an incorrect checksum and so is trying to repair it. That would make sense except the file it is trying to repair was already installed before the MSI was installed and is same version and language as the one in the package so it wouldn't have installed it in the first place.

I checked the files and they were different sizes so that's probably the reason the checksum is "incorrect".

I'm just not sure what I should do at this stage sad.gif does anyone have any recommendations for stopping it checking for the source.



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Posted 11 June 2007 - 03:22

Please follow-up here: http://forum.install...showtopic=16748

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-Stein Åsmul