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How to get Feature Install path.

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Posted 26 June 2001 - 14:27

Hi All

How can I get Destination path for the feature, if it was changed in CustomSetup dialog.


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Posted 27 June 2001 - 18:32

For ISWI User: If you are not installing to INSTALLDIR, you will have to find out what the directory name is in the Directory table.  I used Orca after I compiled the project to open the directory table and query for that value.  In my case it was DIR27.  So from my custom action I can query for DIR27(really descriptive) during the install and uninstall.  

RANT: This is yet again another example for going straight to the SDK and using Orca only.

Question:  Maybe someone else knows of a way through the IDE to get at the directory table so I can make a more descriptive name?

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 27 June 2001 - 21:38

In tables cells where the Formatted data type is accepted, you can use [$componentkey]  to get the path to a component (but not for features).