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Posted 25 February 2008 - 20:47

I got some problem running MSI on our Vista client. There are som policy flags made in the windows installer registry. AlwaysInstallelevated = 1.
When I run my MSI in win 2000 no problem, when I run in Vista and from command prompt (Command run as administrator) no problem. But if I run Installation as admin on computer I will not get the question from UAC allow this program to run... How come?
Don't missunderstand me the MSI run but I can not get the right value from a reading in registry saved in a home made property "VS2005_INSTALL_PATH".
I had to do a quick last minute in project and release an exe with MSI inside...The only way for me to make the release in VISTA...

If I remove the company policy flag AlwaysInstallelevated = 1 in registry I will get the question from UAC allow this program........

Anyone been there before? Any solution to this or do the company have to remove policy flag? I do not wanna use any manisfest or another file...I want to do a singel file MSI installation in VISTA and read the registry in LOCAL MACHINE and store it in a property...(I am using WISE)...


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Posted 27 February 2008 - 18:38

I presume you've read this and the pages linked from it, this and this?

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