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Executing CustomeAction In Resume Mode

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Posted 10 October 2006 - 11:47

Dear all

I am working in IS7 SP4 Developer..

I have created a Basic MSI Proj which installs the files to c\prgfles\yrcom\yorprd(in proper format) and writes some registry values in registry and registers some products..

The requirement is that the there should not be any use of script everthing has to be done thourgh CA.

The installer After installing files it registers some products using Batch files i am using three batch files viz PostInst.bat PreInst.bat PreUnin.bat

PreInst.bat silently Uninstalls any older versions (we know the product codes for previous versions)

for this i have created a custome action in new exe and path referencing a directory and its working fine..

the second batch file that is [COLOR=blue] PostInst.bat [COLOR=gray] will register the some exes for those also i have created CA with exe and path ref an direcotory and i am passing the installdir path inside command line
working directory is SUPPORTDIR
as filename and commandline is [SUPPORTDIR]PostInst.bat "[INSTALLDIR]"

the batch file reads like this.....

@echo off

REM // Purpose: Registering the product

REM // Scope: After copying files
REM // Install Mode

set InstallPath=%1 (here path is being passed as installdir)
REM // Register ChameleonEDispatcher

echo Registering ChameleonEDispatcher...
set EDisp=%InstallPath%\bin\ChameleonEDispatcher.exe
%EDisp% /RegServer

REM // Register ChameleonLog

echo Registering ChameleonLog...
set CLog=%InstallPath%\bin\ChameleonLog.exe
%CLog% /RegServer

REM // Register ChameleonServer

echo Registering ChameleonServer...
set CSrv=%InstallPath%\bin\ChameleonServer.exe
%CSrv% /RegServer

REM // Register ChameleonPortSelector

echo Registering ChameleonPortSelector...
set CPs=%InstallPath%\bin\ChameleonPortSelector.ocx
Regsvr32 /s %CPs%

and the execute sequence for this is After Installfinalize and Inscript Execution is immediate executin and Install Exec cond is Not Installed.. It executes (registers) only if the product is not there UI aaction is abesent
this is working fine..

But [COLOR=purple] I have another batch file as PreUnin.bat which is to Unregister few exes before removing .. here i have done everthing as i have done in [COLOR=orange] PostInst.bat and in exe sequece i have mentioned as After InstallValidate and conditon i have put is Installed..

so far it works fine but [COLOR=green] if i give the conditon as Installed and NOT RESUME(Resume) it is not hitting the exe condition ..
i want this batch file to be run before any files are removed i tried many condition but NOT Resume condition not working i know they are doing it in maintence mode as the codition there is Installed And Not RESUME And Not Preselected And Not PATCH but i want Only Installed And Not RESUME ..

THIS condition is not working in my case ..
I have tried this condition many times its not hitting the codition
Plese some body tel me how to do this ......


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Posted 10 October 2006 - 13:18

Here I forgot to mention..

The requirement is that if the same product is run for second time it should silently install the latest one..

for that i have written a commandline in Prepare for distribution releases and in inside the release1 in command line i have given this command as


but during resume mode my PreUnin.bat file is running instead i have given the condition as Installed and Not Resume.. for this condition it should not run the PreUnin.bat file since it will unregister the exes ..

Pleas some body tel me how to make this PreUnin.bat (which unregisters the exes)not run in resume mode..

I am not clear please mention ....