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merge module installation

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Posted 22 October 2004 - 22:24

I've included the .msm MSSpeechAPI components as a merged module in my installation, however I'm a little confused about merged modules in general. It copied over the Speech files just fine during my install, but the SpeechAPI itself has an installation UI that in this case doesn't get run. I also don't see the ability to remove the SpeechAPI from my controlpanel->add/remove programs window, but had I run the Speech install by itself, I would see it.

Are merged modules supposed to be just like running the installation itself or am I shorting the Speech install by doing it this way?


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Posted 25 October 2004 - 14:39

When you add a merge module to another project, it becomes a part of the project and so it won't have its own ARP entry. If you put custom actions in the ModulexxxUISequence and ModulexxxExecuteSequence tables, those actions will be merged into the corresponding UISequence and ExecuteSequence tables in your project.

I believe it is strongly recommended that you don't put any UI dialogs into merge modules, though.

Hope this helps
Kathy Morey
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