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RadioButton + InstallScript

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Posted 05 February 2003 - 18:59

Hello all,

I am working with InstallShield Developer 7.03 and I am trying to build a custom user interface with 3 radio buttons within.
I should mention that a was building a Standard MSI installation.
I placed a radio button group into the dialog with and than a created a new property named "TESTPROP" with a value
of "1". After editing the property column in then control table for the new created radion button group, I placed tree radio
buttons into the radio button group. After all the radiobutton table contained three new entries all named with "TESTPROP".

So far so good. But how can I set the radio button within InstallScript? The documentation tells me to use
CtrlSetState ( szDialogName, nControlID, nState ).
But what is the ControlID of an individual radio button?
Isn't it possible to set for example radiobutton2 as checked?

My code:

svProp = "OTHERPROP";
GetProp(svProp,svOtherProp);   // User defined function
if( svOtherProp = "1") then
elseif( svOtherProp = "2") then

Thanks in advance

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 06 February 2003 - 10:30

From your description I guess you are using the "Basic MSI" project type, not the "Standard" (which is displaying the user interface using InstallScript). Is this correct?

In this case you can preselect a radio button by setting your TESTPROP to the value of that button.


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Posted 06 February 2003 - 16:16

No, I'm using definitive a Standard project.
The problem is that I want to get the checked radiobutton at runtime.
My dialog is a standard *.isd dialog.
Should I use a resource dll for my dialog?