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Warning -4352

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Posted 14 May 2002 - 09:31

When building a project the following error is displayed:
Warning -4352: There is no key file for feature ScannedProject. A key file is required for dynamic COM extraction.
After which although all dll's are installed, they are not all registered.  (Namely DAO360.dll)  Can anyone let me know what is wrong?


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Posted 07 June 2002 - 13:33

I had this same problem when building an install for an ActiveX executable that I developed.  I believe the problem occurred when I moved all of the source files (including the project file), relinked the files in InstallShield, and then re-built the project.  To solve the problem, I simply scanned the project again.  This creates a new ScannedProject file group.  Just make sure it contains the same files/file links as the old one, and then delete the old one.  Hope this work for you.

Dan Palmer