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Rollback after InstallFinalize?

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John O

John O
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Posted 16 April 2004 - 23:32

I have a custom action that cannot execute until AFTER all files are installed. I added a CA that executes AFTER InstallFinalize. Unfortunately, if there is an error or cancelation in the CA, the install is not rolled back. This is not unexpected as I have seen it documented that rollback is only valid BEFORE InstallFinalize.

Is there any way that I CAN generate a rollback (or silent uninstall) at this point?


Am I wrong in having the CA after InstallFinalize to begin with? I cannot execute the action without some of the required files already having been installed. Is there another way?


I'm using Visual Studio Installer, then merging my custom action into the Binary, CustomAction and InstallExecuteSequence tables with MSIDB.


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Posted 19 April 2004 - 08:39

During InstallFinalize, the transaction is completed, so you can't rollback after that action.
You can look into Deferred Custom Actions, and schedule these just before InstallFinalize. However, since installation can still fail after running your CA successfully, you should also write a Rollback CA to rollback the changes of your Deferred CA.
You may need to rewrite your CA, since most MSI functions fail inside a Deferred CA.